Friday, September 5, 2008

Everyone Has Their Breaking Point

As a young Lieutenant Commander, Senator John McCain suffered more for his country than most can ever imagine. He suffered great injuries when his plane was shot down, and he ended up in the hands of a band of brutal interrogators that used what we would euphemistically call "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" today, but which was, without a doubt, torture -- above and beyond anything that takes place even in Guantanamo Bay. They withheld medical treatment, they brutally beat and tortured him.

Those sick bastards only kept him alive so that they could use him against his Admiral father. They ruthlessly allowed men with similar wounds to die. John McCain was tortured for years, and used to aid the North Vietnamese propaganda machine. They tried time and time again to get him to do things that were against the military code, and time and time again, he resisted. I am not sure I could have resisted as long as he had. In fact, I am fairly certain I would not.

No one could hold out forever. In his own words, "I had learned what we all learned over there: Every man has his breaking point. I had reached mine." Make no mistake, I do not blame him -- not even the tiniest bit. In fact, I admire him tremendously for holding out as long as he did. I admire him for making such a magnificent come-back after the war, of becoming a Senator and in serving his state of Arizona and the nation. He possesses a strength of will and character that I so admire and for which I am thankful that it brings me to the edge of tears.

John McCain is running for President this year, and there is no doubt that his heart is committed to doing what he feels is right for the country. He is, as he admits, not a very smart man, but that's not a requirement to be President. He has a lot of support from the very smart advisors in his party.

Unfortunately, these guys are the same shady group of characters that advised President Bush (another admitted not very smart guy) and his administration, and who took us to where we are today. I have nothing against Senator John McCain, quite the opposite. I admire him and consider him a hero. In order to have a chance in this election, however, he has aligned himself with the same right-wing partisan Swift Boat crew that dirty-dealed him out of the nomination in 2000. I do not understand why he's compromising himself that way, it seems out of character for him. I wish someone could explain it to me.

Senator Obama's positions on health care, education, and the economy have earned my support for his candidacy, and I imagine this is the case for most of his supporters. In all fairness, even if Senator McCain hadn't embraced the fringe elements of the Republican party, I would likely still vote for Senator Obama. But because McCain has embraced the dirty politics crowd, I am compelled to energetically volunteer and contribute to his opponent.

Unless someone can explain to me what is going on.

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